Our Frequently Asked Questions

Transitions Assisted Living was originated by our owners amid the frustration of finding the right assisted living facility for their own personal loved ones. We realize that the elderly in need of assisted living today have children who are busy professionals striving to balance the demands of their own family and career. Often a loved one’s unfortunate fall or trip to the hospital plunges unexpecting families into making critical decisions amidst wearisome emotions. This is precisely why Transitions Assisted Living exists! – To lighten the load on the family decision makers and to assist you in finding the perfect facility to care for your loved one.

This question is our favorite one to answer! Transition Assisted Living does not make recommendations strictly based upon computer research. Our dedication to you runs much deeper than that. We take pride in our commitment to physically visit each property we recommend annually. In addition, we personally meet the staff, interview administration, and screen state and provincial records to confirm regulatory compliance. Our experience shines at that critical point of recommendation!

The truthful answer to this question is, “Yes, it is possible for you to do the research and placement on your own”. However, we have gone the extra mile to remove all possible objections for not using our services. Your enormous investment of time and resources is not necessary. Why not avoid the frustration of late night research, hours of driving, and property manager sales pitches? The work has already been done for you. And what could make it better? Our services are free to you!

Transitions Assisted Living is reimbursed by our network partners so that our services can be provided free of charge to our clients. Does that mean that our clients must pay more monthly had they not used our services? Absolutely not! We have taken steps to ensure that those who use our services are charged consistently with those who do not use our services. In this way we can provide protection from price gauging and be confident that our clients receive the best price quotes possible.

There are a wealth of websites that provide information and lists of assisted living properties in the Phoenix, AZ area. They usually come complete with name and phone number sorted by area code. Many of our clients have related stories of working down such lists and pouring over website information. Only upon a physical visit did they realize the website was disingenuous. We ourselves believe whole heartedly in physical visits because you can really get a sense of things a website cannot portray. In the same way, our best work can be accomplished by having a short conversation with you about your loved one. Assisted living Phoenix is our business. Matching needs, priorities, location and budgets can be overwhelming. Allow us to lighten your load.

When you call Transitions Assisted Living, you will speak with a caring senior advisor that has your best interests at heart. The questions asked of you allow us to get a feel for what’s important to you and your loved one. Questions you can expect will be related to desired location, amenities, budget, medical condition, current medications, mobility requirements, and even enjoyed leisure activities. Our mission is to provide the best fit possible for your loved one and the more we know about their needs and priorities, the better we can make that recommendation to you.

Transitions is committed to partnering with only the highest caliber assisted living properties in the greater Phoenix metroplex. You can be assured that if we recommend a property, it has been personally visited and the administrators have met with us personally. Don’t be driven all over town by a placement agent who is touring facilities for the first time with you! Come to the experts. The work has been done!